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Monetization Opportunities as Mobile Markets Mature

Recently I was reading an interesting article about As mobile markets enter the early stages of mobile maturity.

The article discussed often characteristic of emerging markets see strong downloads numbers driven by new mobile device owners discovering and experimenting with new apps. This is known as the Experimentation phase. As mobile habits begin to form and users settle into their go-to apps, engagement climbs, known as the Adoption phase. Following, is the Ubiquity phase, marked by increasing engagement and consumer spend, as mobile takes over mindshare for consumers.

While there was a lot of information in the document, 2 points which particularly caught my attention:

- Growth of time spent in Apps up 50% in 2 years

- Plus two of the largest populated countries (Brazil & India) are at the bottom of the Phase of Market Maturity.

From reading the article it says to me there are a lot of changes/challenges in business in the near future…. Which also means there is lots of opportunities in the market.

Anyway, further to this we going to run some business planning workshops in February 2019. If you are interested here are the details

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